Strategic Plan

Last Updated: 1/3/2022 8:40 PM

Payson PrideWe are Payson Longhorns!

Payson Pride


We have Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Enthusiasm... PRIDE!

Vision Statement

To develop well-rounded learners inspired to EXCEL.

Mission Statement

We are committed to excellence by cultivating the unique skills and abilities of all learners to reach their greatest potential.


Relationships: Creating connectedness amongst faculty, staff, families, and the community to engage students in academic, extracurricular, and life-long success.

  • Balance:  Providing diverse, fair, and equitable opportunities to develop well-rounded individuals.
  • Caring:  Showing kindness, concern, and compassion to all, while encouraging excellence in learning.
  • Excellence:  Striving to achieve the highest attainable level in any endeavor.
  • Innovation:  Evolving in order to incorporate creative and advanced methods of thinking, teaching, and learning.
  • Passion:  Building a positive connection to learning that is contagious and fosters enthusiasm.
  • Unity:  Committing to work as a team to make collective decisions regarding shared goals while respecting the perspectives of all stakeholders.

Strategic Plan 2021-2026