PES Artists!

Students Art work

We are on our way to creating some pretty amazing artwork!

Kinder : We get to learn a little about Mona Lisa. She will be following the kids every step of the way in art, from kinder to 5th. In kinder, we imagine if Mona was able to jump our of her canvas, where would we take her? What would we show her? Then we spend time sharing our art with others and learning how to ask questions about other people's artwork.

1st grade : In first grade, we start the journey of the color wheel. We start learning about the information the color wheel can tell us and how artists use it. The color wheel is something that is talked about in each grade moving forward. In this project we made a color wheel emu!

2nd grade : We learned about the Chinese New Year and learned about symmetry. Students made a dragon using symmetrical shapes, then added fireworks around the dragon.

JRE Art work

artwork from students at JRE


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